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Improved Cookstoves Improves Quality of Life

Improved Cookstoves Improves Quality of Life

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Mrs. Zaituni is a mother of two who has used the same EUF stove over the last three years. Caring for her family every day is time intensive, however, her stove gives her the freedom to focus on what matters most. “My experience with the traditional stove is that it burns a lot of fuel and you have to keep adding more charcoal. I like my EUF stove because you do not have to keep adding charcoal. This gives me more time to focus on my business and looking after my children.” Asked how well her EUF stove performs, she said with a smile that it “cooks well, saves her time and is easier to clean.”
Mrs. Zaituni says she hopes to purchase another EUF stove now that her family is growing.

As a pioneer in clean energy solutions in Uganda, Impact Carbon works with EUF and other local manufacturers to ensure users like Mrs. Zaituni have access to quality products that address their household energy needs.

July 2014