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Small Businesses Thrive Using Improved Cookstoves

Small Businesses Thrive Using Improved Cookstoves

KAWEMPE, UGANDA: Nassie’z Restaurant

Alice Nassiwa runs her own restaurant under her own name. She has been running her humble restaurant for the last eight months serving over 40 people every day. Shortly after she started she invested in five improved cookstoves to save on charcoal costs and help keep food simmering throughout the day.

Previously Alice owned a metallic stove, spending 7,000 UGX ($2.10) daily on charcoal. Once she switched to improved cookstoves she began spending 4,500 UGX ($1.34), a 35% cost reduction! With these savings, Alice puts aside 2,500 UGX ($0.75) every day using a local micro-savings group for women.