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Improved Cookstoves Are About Family

Improved Cookstoves Are About Family

JUNE 28th, 2014
KAMPALA, UGANDA - Zahara lives with her family of 13, sharing daily responsibilities of cooking alongside her 65 year-old grandmother, Mrs. Kaiwa. The youngest is her 8 month-old boy, Isaac, who keeps an observing eye on whatever is cooking. Zahara’s family has two EUF improved cookstoves, one of which has been in use for over five years and the other for just a year. Commenting on her stoves to Impact Carbon, she says, “Our fuel efficient stoves help me cook well and fast.” Since her grandmother is unable to walk, the stoves are also a relief as there is little need to move to add more charcoal.

Not only do the stoves assist Mrs. Kaiwa’s physical challenges, they also prevent any additional physical harm. She points out, “I started my cooking career with a metallic stove which would be too hot for me when seating next to it. But later my friends started to tell me about stoves that are not so hot when you are seated next to it. By 2008, I asked my son to get me an improved cookstove. Ever since then, I have used these cookstoves that have saved me from getting burns that I would get using metallic stoves.”

As a pioneer in clean energy solutions in Uganda, Impact Carbon works with local manufacturers to ensure users like Zahara and Mrs. Kaiwa have access to quality products that address their household energy needs.