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Small Businesses Thrive Using Improved Cookstoves

Small Businesses Thrive Using Improved Cookstoves


Jose Restaurant is located in the heart of bustling Kampala, serving over 100 hungry customers every day for the last 16 years. It wasn’t until 2008 that the business turned to improved cookstoves to start saving on fuel costs and make their kitchen a healthier place to work in.

Catherine, who runs the business, attributes her business success to low running costs of fuel thanks to the use of their improved charcoal stoves. “In the beginning we used the metallic stoves,” Catherine recalls, “Later we purchased improved cookstoves after a promotional campaign at Energy Week. Since buying nine stoves back in 2008, we noticed a significant change in our charcoal use, from one bag every day to one bag every three days!” Catherine also noted the improved quality of the kitchen once they started using improved cookstoves. She explained that before the air quality was too poor to work in the kitchen, but now it’s no longer an issue.