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Women Entrepreneur Sees Value in ICS

Women Entrepreneur Sees Value in ICS

KAWEMPE, UGANDA - Najemba Hope operates a small restaurant in the Kampala suburb of Kawempe. She started her restaurant business using car rims for cooking. Business started to change for the better when a friend introduced her to EUF stoves, Impact Carbon's leading partner manufacturer of improved cookstoves.

It started three years ago when she invested in two EUF stoves for her business, stoves that she still uses today. Within her first year she experienced savings of about 30,000UGX ($11) per month from using less cooking fuel. Everyday Hope’s restaurant serves between 50-70 customers. She attributes high customer figures to using her improved cookstoves that keeps food simmering without additional costs.

Najemba says her EUF stoves helped her restaurant, especially during hard economic times.